Hello fellow riding fans…

... and all of those who like taking up the carriage reins and have a closer look at the exceptional world of carriage driving! I am Andreas Wintgens, Trainer for Carriages and a certified Instructor for Carriages up to four-in-hand within the so-called Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung 'FN' (Federation Equestre Nationale).

I regularly and successfully attend competitions in different categories, including the heavy class, where I drive turn-outs for single and pairs, four-in-hand, even up to 6 horses drawing the coach.

Do you need my help training your horse or education in driving? No matter in which part of the world you live, rest assured, that I am a professional trainer, that always keeps the focus on the horse's health and the overall safety of horse and driver.

I aim to train people at their individual, specific level and, depending upon your expectations, the driving training may even enable you to join in competitions.

Furthermore, we offer private lessons for horse and driver at our driving centre or on your premises.
We also like to take care of individual issues or demands (i.e. Roadworthiness-training) as well as the correction of so called "problem-horses".
Weather you want to get better at leisure driving, competition, or at driving heavy class carriages , you and your horse(s) will be treated well.

We show our skills in driving up to six horsed in show-programmes. (Ponies and heavy class horses).

My activities expand to other countries as well. My team successfully participated in tournaments in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Our team is a well-known feature in both The Equestrian Sports World Fair 'Equitana', the 'World Equestrian Games' and CHIO Aachen.

Next to my driving activities, I am also a breeder. This all started in 1993 with the carthorse 'Tanja' from 'TornadoII'. The four full-sisters Paddy, Pinar, Paula and Polly are her direct descendants, all stemming from the 'father' "Prince du Tilleul". Besides the fact that these horses are all successful at breeding, they also do well in competition.

By now, Tanja gave birth to 10 foals and she is enjoying her retirement.

Our 'horse ranch' was built by my father, I took over many years ago and changed it into an official riding and driving centre, which is known far beyond the borders of our country.